Every Food Systems student is required to complete an experiential learning experience during their undergraduate career. To fulfill this requirement you can take CFAN 3096: Making the Most of your Internship, HORT 4096W: Professional Experience Program or AGRO 4096W: Professional Experience Program. The information below details how to ensure you receive credit for an internship no matter which course you're taking. To find out more about internships students have done in the past and how to find internships, please visit the Hands on Education section.

Every Food Systems student is required to complete at least one approved internship during the course of their undergraduate career. 

Getting Credit for Your Internship

Each of the courses detailed above have different requirements to ensure that you are an active participant in the course and getting credit for your internship. You cannot simply do an internship on your own and receive credit for it. Because of that, it is important to plan ahead so that you know you are completing the proper steps at the right time of year.

Unpaid Internship Grant

Many internships in the food systems are paid. However, on occasion an internship will turn up that provides invaluable experience but is unpaid. CFANS undergraduate students who have secured an unpaid internship within the United States are eligible to apply for one of several internship grants of up to $1,000. Students are selected for this grant based on the relationship of the internship experience to their academic and career goals. Apply through Career and Internship Services. Application deadlines vary by semester.