Conference Reimbursement

PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCE REIMBURSEMENT PROCEDURE FOR FOOD SYSTEMS STUDENTS WHO ARE ALSO EMPLOYED WITH THE UNIVERSITY: If you are a Food Systems student who is also employed with the University of Minnesota in any way, you must complete your reimbursement application online through the Chrome River system. We recommend that you complete the online application in its entirety (as much as you are able), and then schedule an appointment with departmental finance officer Anna Sidorenko ( to complete the online application.

You will still need to confirm the eligibility of your conference with Professor Mary Rogers (if necessary), alert Lauren Matushin of your attendance prior to your trip, retain physical copies of all receipts of your trip, and send Lauren your one-page reflection and list of students in your group (if applicable). 

For any questions, contact Lauren Matushin at




One of the ways that our students learn about their future careers is by attending professional food systems-related conferences such as the Northern Green Expo and the American Society of Agriculture Annual Meeting. The Food System major supports this important component of student learning by covering the cost of attendance for these conferences, up to $250 per student. Some of the conferences that you can be reimbursed for are listed below, though these are not the only conferences that are eligibleIf there is another conference that fits your career goals that is not on this list please contact major coordinator Mary Rogers ( to get approval for your specific conference.

Interested in attending? Simply follow these procedures: 

  1. Send an email to Lauren Matushin ( before registering for the professional conference you wish to attend, letting her know the name of the conference and the separate costs of registration, travel, and accommodations. If you are traveling to a conference as part of a group, please see the "groups" section at the bottom of this page.
  2. Within one week after the conference is over, provide Lauren with the required documents (see below).
  3. You will be reimbursed for the cost of attendance to the conference up to but not exceeding $250 per student.

Reimbursement are eligible for reimbursement for up to 2 conferences per student per academic year; however, the TOTAL reimbursement for each student in a single academic year can be no more than $250.

Required documents:

  • Physical copies of all receipts, order confirmations, registration confirmations, hotel bills, gas receipts, conference reservations, etc. (Anything you wish to be reimbursed for MUST have a physical receipt that shows the amount/cost clearly and those physical receipts MUST be turned in to Lauren in 305 Alderman Hall—in person.) Only one person can claim a receipt for reimbursement, see the note on groups below.
  • A list of students you are traveling with, if applicable — Students attending conferences together with shared expenses must include the names of their group members in their reimbursement request when they submit their expenses. 
  • A W-9 form is required for all students claiming expenses over $100. The form looks confusing, but you only need to fill out your name, address, and Social Security number, and check the box for "Individual/sole proprietor or single-member LLC." Download the W-9 form.
  • Expense Form
    • If you ARE an employee of the University of Minnesota: Complete your reimbursement submission through Chrome River. 
    • If you ARE NOT an employee of the University of Minnesota: Fill out the Non-Employee Expense Form.
  • One-page reflection on your experiences at the conference. 

If you are traveling in a group:

  • Receipts can ONLY be claimed by one individual, and each individual can only claim up to $250. This means that large expenses like a $300 hotel bill MUST be split between group members, or a student will have to pay $50 out of pocket, as they will only get reimbursed for $250. 
  • If a cost is under $250 (ex. a gas bill of $30), an individual student may pay for that cost, but only that student can claim that receipt in their reimbursement request. If students wish to split that cost between their individual reimbursement funds, then each student must pay a portion of that bill and have individual receipts.
  • We recommend splitting up smaller costs between students (Example: Naomi pays for gas the first time, Duncan pays for gas the second time, Kyle pays for snacks on the car ride) and then evenly split larger bills (Example: Naomi, Duncan, and Kyle evenly split the $300 hotel bill between them at checkout, so each pays $100).