A student mows the plots between planted research fields


We recognize that there’s more to learn about your chosen career than what can be learned in the classroom. That’s why every Food Systems student is encouraged to complete at least one approved internship during the course of their undergraduate career. Internships help you gain experience, learn about a profession, develop skills, and build a network. Many employers and graduate schools look for candidates with internships, and an internship can even lead to a job after graduation.

Past Internships

Students have found internships all around the country, in a variety of fields. Some recent internships have been at companies such as:

  • City Slicker Farms
  • University of Minnesota
  • The Good Acre
  • Spark-Y
  • Daley Farms
  • Garden Farme
  • Green Lands Blue Waters

Completing internships at both large and small businesses helps students to figure out not only the field they hope to work in, but also the type of work environment they fit best in. If there's a business you're interested in working for after graduation, check to see if they have an internship you can take while in college. That valuable experience at the company can help you land a job later.

Finding an Internship

Another good place to keep an eye out is departmental newsletters or on bulletin boards around St. Paul campus, particularly in Alderman, Borlaug, and Hodson Halls.

Getting Credit for your Internship

To learn more about how to get credit for your internship, please look at the Forms and Advising section before beginning your own.